Connecticut School Box Programs

Bay State Textiles School Box Programs

The focus of the School Box Program is to spread awareness to the problem of unwanted textiles, educate on acceptable items for textile recycling/reuse, while generating much-needed revenue for the school communities.  A cross branded donation box is placed outside of each school in a district, the box is serviced weekly and a rebate check is disbursed monthly, based on the weight of donations.  There is no cost to the program and Bay State Textiles handles all of the logistics to the program.

The  Bay State Textiles Program brings the REAL world to your classroom:
  • Economics
  • Environmental
  • Community Service
  • Peer to Peer Education

Interested in learning more about textile donation? 

Click the images below to learn more about donated textiles!
Educational Material Provided by S.M.A.R.T.
Letters of Support
Click on the links below to see Letters of Support from our partnering schools!
Implement a Program In Your School
For a consultation on implementing a program in your school district, contact Cori Cea-Curry, our CT Recycling Coordinator!
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