To all our recycling friends: Thank you for being so patient this past year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bay State Textiles will continue to service our boxes on schedule, however we still ask that residents not leave any bags on the ground if the bins are full. If the bin is full, please check back in a couple of days. Thank you for supporting us.

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Clothing Recycling for MA & CT

Every year, 25 billion pounds of textiles are thrown away in the United States. 45% of these textiles can be reused, 30% can be turned into wiping cloths, and 20% recycled into new products. Turning this problem around can start in your community with recycling bins.

Bay State Textiles serves over 180 municipalities throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut. With over 40 years of experience in the post-consumer textile waste industry, our management team can tailor a program to meet the needs of your community. We accept all clothing, footwear, accessories, and linens and appreciate your participation.

“BST has been one of our municipal solid waste managers’ most steadfast companies through these crazy times, and in general. I’m glad, and not surprised, that the company landed on its feet! Thank you for doing the important work you do so well.”

Claire Galkowski, Director of South Shore Recycling Cooperative

“Very much appreciated BST’s continued, regular customer service during 2020. Mark and his crew were responsive to our needs (adding extra weekly pick up at some locations) even when he was short-handed. Please let your crews know that we were aware of their extra effort and thankful for the service”

Chicopee DPW

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Join our school box program!
Bay State Textiles has a very successful school box program that brings this real-world problem into the classroom. We focus on the economic and environmental aspects of textile reuse. The Bay State program can also be a part of your school’s community service and peer to peer educational requirements.
Bay State Textiles District Wide School Box Program

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