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Municipality Programs in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection has brought textile recycling to the forefront.  More than 520 MILLION pounds of usable textiles – including clothing, footwear, towels, household linens and other fabric-based products – were sent to landfills and incinerators in Massachusetts in the last year, of which 95 % can be reused or recycled.

Benefits of hosting a Bay State Textiles collection trailer:
Revenue for your community.
Encourages recycling.
Use as a billboard for promotion.
Saves on trash fees.
Environmental prosperity.

Whether your municipality has 10,000 residents, or over 100,000, Bay State Textiles will tailor a program for your community. To implement a program in your community contact us today!

Samantha Marino
MA Account Manager

To learn more about the benefits of the Bay State Textile Programs vs. Curbside Textile Collection, click below!

Municipality Programs in Massachusetts

Bay State Textiles has a donation trailer placed in each municipality listed below:

Implement a Program In Your Municipality
To learn more about implementing a program in your municipality, contact Samantha Marino, our MA Account Manager. You can also find more information about textile recycling in Massachusetts at: Massachusetts DEP Reuse & Recycling