Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How often are the bins emptied?


Does Bay State Textiles provide tax slips?

No, we do not provide tax slips. Bay State Textiles is a for-profit company, so your recycled textiles are not tax deductible. Bay State Textiles Inc provides rebate dollars to your school or municipality. To learn more please contact your school.

How do you handle overflow at a drop-off bin?

We try to avoid overflow by servicing our bins weekly. If a bin happens to overflow, just contact our Recycling Coordinators and we will empty the bin that day or the next.

If I donate clothing that is in good condition, will it be reused?

Yes. 45% of the textiles that we collect is reusable clothing. Used clothing and shoes are an inexpensive alternative or people all over the world who are in need.

Can I recycle my textiles that are ripped and stained?

Yes. Bay State Textiles will accept your textiles in any condition, as long as it is clean and dry! If it can’t be reused, it gets recycled into wiping rags, or broken down into fibers and made into new materials.

How can we start a textile recycling program in my community?

Contact one of our Recycling Coordinators, and they will be happy to assist you. See Contact page for their info.

Why is it important to recycle my textiles?

Every year, the average person disposes of 81 lbs of textiles. Only 15% is being reclaimed or recycled, while the other 85% spends around 40 years decomposing in the landfills. That is 26 billion pounds of textiles releasing harmful CO2 and methane into our atmosphere.

Can I recycle my old undergarments?

As long as it is laundered beforehand, yes, you can recycle it.

What do I do if I accidentally deposited something of personal value into a bin?

We will try our best to get you your item back, but please try to inform us right away. If your item is still inside the bin, we can have it returned during the bins next pickup. Contact one of our Recycling Coordinators for help

Why choose Bay State Textiles over curbside pickup?

We want to ensure all of your textiles are being recycled, and in the best way possible. If bags are being left on the sidewalk unprotected, there could potentially be contamination. Unfortunately, there is already a problem with theft in the textile industry. Without the security of a collection bin, theft could become an even larger issue.
Bay State Textiles is a no cost program, and provides a $100 per ton rebate for participating schools and municipalities. We also offer an educational opportunity for students. Bay State Textiles has over 25 years of industry experience, and has created jobs for the local and global economy. Our bins are convenient, with 24/7 access, and provide protection for your unwanted textiles.